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The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Larnaca General Hospital was established in October 1984, treating to date thousands of gynaecological and obstetric cases of women who trusted the Clinic to deal with their condition. The Department is staffed by a scientific team of highly experienced Gynaecologists and Midwives who are always ready to offer their knowledge and services to the public of the city and district of Larnaca. The staff is committed to the values ​​of medical science and ethics, providing care to the hospitalised woman, mothers and newborns with the utmost respect. The Department provides services and treatment options, tailored to the needs of each woman.

Gynaecological Services

1. Management of Gynaecological Emergencies

2. Regular Gynaecological Clinics

3. Pap smear

4. Pelvic Ultrasounds

5. Check-up & treatment of Gynaecological Infections / urine cultures

6. Sexual Health / Sexually Transmitted Diseases

7. Colposcopy / Cervical Biopsy

8. Gynaecological Endocrinology (Paediatric/Adolescent Gynaecology, Menopause)

9. Infertility Investigation

10. Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic & Interventional)

11. Laparoscopy (Diagnostic & Interventional) / Laparoscopic sterilisation

12. Diagnostic Endometrial Ablation / Polypectomies

13. Myomectomy

14. Endometrial Spiral Placement – Mirena IUD

15. Removal of Ovarian Cysts

16. Abdominal Hysterectomy

17. Vaginal Hysterectomy

18. Colporrhaphy (anterior / posterior)

19. Bartholin’s Gland excision

20. Vaginoplasty

21. Labiaplasty

Obstetrics Services

1. Treatment of Obstetric emergencies, as well as management of all complications during pregnancy, labour, caesarean section and puerperium

2. Regular Obstetrics Clinics – Pregnancy Monitoring

3. Obstetric ultrasounds

4. Support for pregnant women, through antenatal care and midwives

5. Lectures for expectant parents and pregnant women on topics related to: • Hygiene, diet, smoking, vaginal delivery, relaxation and breathing exercises • Promotion and support of breastfeeding • Implementation of ‘skin to skin’ method • Possibility of ‘Rooming’ a newborn • Newborn care and nutrition

6. Monitoring and treatment of high-risk pregnancies: i. Preterm birth ii. Cervical insufficiency (cervical ligation) iii. Amniotic fluid disorders iv. Fetal developmental disorders & Atypical fetal development v. Gestational Hypertension – Preeclampsia – Eclampsia vi. Kidney Diseases (CKD) vii. Heart Diseases viii. Neurological (Epilepsy) – Psychiatric Diseases ix. Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy – Fatty Liver x. Gestational diabetes, Diabetes type I and II, Endocrine gland diseases xi. Connective Tissue Disease (CTD) xii. Autoimmune Diseases xiii. Haematological Diseases (Thrombophilia) xiv. Gastrointestinal Diseases xvi. Malnutrition – Obesity xvii. Pregnancy in adolescence or old age xviii. Pregnancy Infections xviv. Emergency Surgeries (e.g. pregnancy accidents, fractures, appendicitis, etc.) 7. Postpartum monitoring, Vaginal delivery and management of puerperium 8. Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) 9. Scheduled and Emergency Caesarean Sections 10. Breastfeeding support 11. Psychological support of the new mother