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SHSO at a glance


State Health Services Organisation is the largest Healthcare provider in Cyprus, with 9 hospitals and 38 health centers in all cities and provinces.

SHSO hospitals and health centers are available to citizens of all ages, 24 hours a day, with SHSO offering comprehensive health services that cover the full range of health needs of the population throughout Cyprus.

The Directorate of Mental Health represents one of the main pillars of the organisation and it offers specialised services through the only Mental Health Services hospital in Cyprus (Athalassa Hospital) and its various MHS structures that are located throughout the country.

The SHSO Ambulances Directorate is the connecting link between all the services offered by SHSO that covers geographically the whole of Cyprus with 24 stations and 72 ambulances.

Recognising its great responsibility to play a key role in the health sector, SHSO implements an ambitious reorganisation plan for administrative and financial autonomy, in order to better respond to the new competitive environment of the General Health System. With continuous investment in infrastructure, human resources and research, SHSO is constantly upgraded in order to improve the services it offers.