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Quality Assurance System


The Quality Assurance System is supported by the Quality Assurance Unit.

The purpose of the Quality Assurance and Internal Inspection Unit is to ensure the quality of the health services provided, through policies and a series of activities which are listed below.


The Management of Nicosia General Hospital recognises the immense value and critical importance of the services provided to all interested parties, especially to patients, and is committed to continuously ensure that their requirements and expectations are met responsibly, safely and effectively.

In this context, the Internal Quality Management System was studied and implemented. The System is adapted to the requirements of International Standards, Standard Professional Practices and Clinical Documentation.

To support the operation of the System, the management of the Hospital is committed to support and continuously strengthen the scientific development, the maintenance of excellent infrastructure and human resources, providing all the means for continuously improving the System.

The operation of the System aims at the continuous improvement of the processes through:

  • The monitoring and analysis of measurable clinical and diagnostic results
  • Management, based on real data and recorded procedures
  • Compliance with current national and international laws and regulations

In addition,

  • Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives as outlined below
  • Includes a commitment to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and standards and to continuously improve its efficiency

Quality Objectives:

  • The timely handling of incidents, with reliable and measurable indicators
  • Excellent communication with collaborating bodies
  • Integrated risk and safety management
  • Scientifically proven and up-to-date clinical practice
  • Up-to-date equipment and infrastructure
  • Satisfaction of users’ expectations from our services

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