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Clinic Profile

The Athalassa Hospital is the largest inpatient care unit of the Mental Health Services and provides Pancyprian coverage. It admits patients both voluntarily and involuntarily, in accordance with the provisions of the Mental Health (Amendment) Law 2003, 2007. The hospital comprises three Clinics:

Clinic A – Psychiatric Clinic, which includes a Clinic for Acute Men’s Cases (CAMC) and an Intermediate Closed Men’s Clinic (ICMC).

Clinic B – Psychiatric Clinic, which includes the Women’s Admission Clinic.

Clinic C – Psychiatric Clinic, which includes a unisex rehabilitation ward.

Additionally, Athalassa Hospital has a closed Chronic Patients’ Ward (for both male and female patients). They undergo gradual rehabilitation processes in intermediate community facilities. At Athalassa Hospital, we offer assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions within a personalised care and nursing framework, involving all mental health professionals. The Interdisciplinary Teams consist of Specialist Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nursing Staff, and Social Workers. Our aim is to achieve the fastest and most suitable recovery and reintegration of individuals into society, addressing social welfare issues where necessary. We focus on preserving, restoring, or even developing the individual’s social skills while providing a safe therapeutic environment for our patients.