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Clinic Profile

The Athalassa Hospital is the largest unit of the Inpatient Sector of Mental Health Services and offers services to patients nationwide.

The patients can be admitted either on an obligatory or on a voluntary basis, according to the Law for Psychiatric Care (with amendments) of 2003 and 2007.

Athalassa Hospital consists of three clinics:

• Psychiatry A, which is comprised of a Men’s Acute Case Clinic (MACC) and a Men’s Intermediate Closed Clinic (MICC).
• Psychiatry B, which is comprised of the Women’s Admission Clinic.
• Psychiatry C, which is comprised of a mixed rehabilitation ward.

The hospital has also a closed ward for chronic patients (both men and women). Procedures for their gradual placement in intermediate structures in the community are currently in progress.

Evaluation, diagnosis and therapeutic interventions are offered at the hospital, focused on individualised care of the patient with the participation of all mental health professionals. The interdisciplinary groups consist of Specialist Psychiatrists, a Psychologist, Occupational Therapists, Nurses and a Social Worker.

The aim is a faster and more adequate recovery and reintegration of the individual into society, covering issues of social welfare where necessary, the maintenance, recall and development of individual and social skills and the provision of a safe therapeutic environment for patients.

Dr. Costas Adamides
Dr. Paraskevi Veniamin
Dr Andreas Koudounas
Dr. Maria Loizidou