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Larnaca General Hospital is the largest Hospital in Larnaca District serving the citizens of the district and the wider region. It belongs to the network of the State Health Services Organisation, along with 7 other Hospitals that cover the entire free Cyprus area. The Hospital houses 4 operating rooms, 202 inpatient beds, 51 Day Care beds, serving among others, thalassaemic patients and patients requiring dialysis. The Hospital manages all injuries and emergencies through its Accident and Emergency Department, while providing intensive care through its Intensive Care Unit which has been operating since December 2022 with 6 Intensivists.

The Hospital also provides specialised health services as follows:

  • The Gastroenterology Department of the Hospital is the only department in the SHSO network capable of providing oesophageal manometry, during which the function of the oesophagus and upper GI tract is investigated.
  • The Dermatology Department features a state-of-the-art photochemotherapy machine (PUVA) for the treatment of skin disorders including psoriasis.
  • The Radiology Department is capable of performing 3D imaging of the Upper and Lower Jaw as well as quantification of body/organ fat distribution using specialised instruments.
  • The Physiotherapy Centre of Larnaca General Hospital houses a heated pool, equipped with a hydromassage mechanism, which is the largest among all the SHSO and private Physiotherapy Centres of the district. In addition, the Centre employs the latest Electrotherapy Equipment for conducting specialised treatments and operates a department of Paediatric Physiotherapy.
  • The specialised clinic for the holistic treatment of Obesity is run by obesity specialists and is dedicated to providing effective treatment and prevention of obesity and related morbidities.

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