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Primary Health Care (PHC) is the first point of contact of the citizen with the healthcare system, both in the field of prevention and promotion of health, but also in the treatment of various diseases. General Practitioners, who have the role of Personal Doctors (PD), are the pillars of PHC and provide comprehensive, long-term and coordinated healthcare to GHS beneficiaries.

SHSO has the largest network of P.D. across Cyprus, who are employed in 38 Health Centres that cover geographically the whole jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Directorate of Primary Health Care is in charge of the management of the Health Centers (H.C), who also employ, apart from P.D., experienced nursing and paramedical personnel.

The P.D. and the nurses at the H.C treat acute cases, but also cases that require short-term hospitalisation (administration of intravenous fluids, intramuscular or intravenous drugs, oxygen and use of a nebulizer), while blood testing, wound changes, suture removal, vaccinations and electrocardiograms are carried out daily. In addition, in some H.C., a diabetes counseling clinic can be found.

The registration procedure for a SHSO Personal Doctor is simple. Upon entering the Health Center, you will contact the reception and the staff will inform you about the available P.Ds. The personal doctor will fill in/confirm the information and you will both sign the Form of Mutual Acceptance. After that, you will be registered in the list of beneficiaries of the P.D.

Every time you visit the P.D., you need to book an appointment through the secretarial staff of the Health Center.