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Frequently Asked Questions

SHSO is the largest healthcare provider in Cyprus, with 9 hospitals and 37 health centers in all cities and districts, the Directorate of Mental Health and the Ambulance Service, offering comprehensive health services that cover the full range of needs of the population throughout Cyprus (Primary and Secondary Health Services).

SHSO implements a reorganisation plan for administrative and financial autonomy, so that it can better respond to the new competitive environment of the General Health System.

With continuous investment in infrastructure, human resources and research, SHSO is constantly upgraded in order to improve the services it offers.

No, SHSO is a separate organisation. SHSO is one of the health service providers that cooperate with GHS (HIO), providing services to the beneficiaries of the General Health System of Cyprus.

Yes, GHS non-beneficiaries can access the services offered by SHSO. There is a corresponding fee for the services offered.

The registration procedure for a SHSO Personal Doctor (GP) is simple. Upon entering the Health Center, you will contact the reception and the staff will inform you about the available P.Ds. The personal doctor will fill in/confirm the information and you will both sign the Form of Mutual Acceptance. After that, you will be registered in the list of beneficiaries of the P.D.

Every time you visit the P.D., you need to book an appointment through the secretarial staff of the Health Center.

Appointments with SHSO doctors can be arranged either by phone or through the Organisation’s website.